Women Fashion Combat Boots

Stylish Women Fashion Combat Boots

Stylish Women Fashion Combat Boots

Women fashion combat boots have slowly molded their way into becoming adored footwear in the world of fashion. These women fashion combat boots are able to add a little bit of pugnacity and “oomph” into one’s outfit that might not have otherwise been possible. Traffic Shoe is home to some of the finest women fashion combat boots on the market and is continually growing its collection. When it comes to quality, aesthetic appeal, and overall design, no one can beat Traffic Shoe. This retailer is a proven name in the footwear industry and is always delivering fashion-forward selections.seatle-12 taupe



Real combat boots women are looking for should be both durable and aesthetic. The whole uprising of combat boots in the world of fashion has come through their durability under harsh conditions. They will ensure one looks great while wearing fashionable combat boots, but can handle environmental conditions too.

Military combat boots for women are all about looking great, while feeling even better. These leather combat boots are designed to ensure one feels as if they are walking on a bed of clouds. Traffic Shoe is able to provide designs that are of the highest quality.

These boots are designed to never break down and remain water proof while looking incredible. It simply does not get better than this for those who want to buy something unique and beautiful.



Trend Setting

The best part about combat boots is their ability to be trend setting. Fashion designers around the world have started appreciating the quality of combat boots in terms of completing outfits. They look and feel great, which is of tremendous value to anyone.

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Traffic Shoe always aims to provide affordable, fashion-forward designs that look great with any outfit. Combat boots are the way forward and have come a contemporary favorite in the world of fashion.

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There is nothing more important than having the right footwear on a night out or for a casual stroll through the neighborhood. All occasions ask for the perfect outfit and there is nothing better than the right pair of combat boots.

Traffic Shoe is a revolutionary retailer willing to go the extra mile for its customers by delivering proven designs and durable options. Searching for the right pair of combat boots? One can stop their search right here as Traffic Shoe has the right option for one and all. Buying combat boots has never been easier.

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Where to Find Designer Combat Boots Online

These days most women and girls have a pair of fashionable combat boots, whether they are tomboys or pair them with a motorcycle, they are not hard to find. Combat boots are yet another successful trend.


History of the Combat Boot


Combat Boots were originally worn by men in the military. They had hobnails in the soles to aid in traction and if need arose, could be used as weapons.

Up next was the trench boot which originated with the Hessian boot all the way up to World War I. They were constructed for soldiers taking part in trench warfare and had a thicker sole. They were made water resistant to protect soldiers from diseases and blisters.

The Napoleonic wars brought the first lace up combat boots and replaced the older buckle shoes. These new boots, however, were not distinguishable as left or right but instead, were made to conform to the soldier’s feet. They caused a lot of blisters and were uncomfortable.

WWII brought another revamp and the double buckled boot was recalled in the United States and used until 1948. It was not until the Vietnam War when another shoe overhaul was implemented, specifically for jungle warfare.

In the 1960s combat boots were worn by the Black Panthers and then in the 1980s-1990s by punk rockers.

Now the United States’ military has two issued boots. The first is for temperate weather and weighs 2.5 pounds. The second is a hot weather boot and weighs 2 pounds.


Enter the Women


Yes, there are female members of the military and they certainly wear combat boots but fashion has driven women’s leather combat boots to the forefront. They are worn with blue jeans, leather pants, long skirts, and short skirts. Not only are the military combat boots for women worn as fashion accessories but many police departments, fire stations, and emergency medical service personnel are required to wear them as part of a uniform.

The motorcycle culture has heavily adopted combat boots as well. In part for foot protection and in part for fashion.


Fashion Trend Investment

If you purchases a solid pair of real combat boots women, there is no reason why they should not last for a very long time. Keep the dirt knocked off of them and use some shoe polish every now and then to keep them in tip-top shape.

Numerous companies sell women fashion combat boots online. The boots range from booties to thigh high and prices vary greatly from site to site. Designers are plentiful from Steve Madden to Gucci. TrafficShoe.com has quite the assortment of real combat boots for women in just about every color and height, in leather or synthetic materials.

Combat boots are clearly a fashion trend that women will have at their disposal for some time to come. Should they fall out of favor, put them in the back of your closet, it is safe to say they will be back in style again at some point. If not for you, then maybe your daughter or her daughter.


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