Breakfast For Shoe Lovers!

Breakfast for Shoe Lovers at Traffic Shoe

Our first ever “Breakfast for shoe lovers” event was held on November 28, 2012 at our gorgeous Traffic Shoe location at the Falls Miami Mall. Our event was hosted by the super fab Miami fashion blogger Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet. The private event was held to showcase our newest and trendiest shoes in our stores. We had a great turnout, as fabulous fashion bloggers came to the store to try on some of the most gorgeous styles.

If you are a fan of Miami fashion bloggers, you will definitely recognize these amazing girls.Adysbel Morales of la fashionista diaris, Alexandra Homez of Im-Alexa Amanda Del Duca of Capture FashionAngeles Almuna of Angeles AlmunaAnnie Vasquez of The Fashion PoetCasey Garcia of Sweet Savvy StreetDaniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet,Kirstin Foley Anderson of Kirstin MarieMayleen Gonzalez of Word in TownSusset Cabrera of Miami Beats and SazonVannia Enriquez of Flair Miami, and Viviana Espitiaof VEfabulous.

Check out some of our crazy, fun and fabulous pictures from the event.

Yummy Breakfast

Annie Vasquez & Mayleen Gonzalez

Daniela Ramirez and Kirstin Foley AndersonAnnie Vasquez Ornella Goodman, Shakiyla Harris and Afroza KhanAdysbel MoralesVania EnriquezViviana EspitiaViviana Espitia10

Casey Garcia Casey GarciaAmanda Del DucaTraffic Girls!!


Spiky Heelless Shoes

Angeles Almuna, Kirston Foley Anderson, Amanda Del DucaDaniela Ramirez and Gabriel SanchezShakiyla Harris - Operations ManagerThe Fashionistas



Written by: Nimat Lalani

I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas, please
Fold ’em, let ’em, hit me, raise it, baby, stay with me (I love it) – Lady Gaga

Fold-over combat boots offer the extra dose of eye candy for all our detail-loving Trafficans! Add toughness with studded fold-overs or be a charmer in floral.

Fold-over Combat Boots

Patriots will love the American flag fold-over while vixens can bag the leopard!

Fold-over Combat Boots

Nailed It!

   So, what is one of the biggest accessories on the runway and on the streets?  Tips. Nail art may be dying down, but the right color is everything this season. I rounded up the top trends and whittled down the colors you need now.

While black still cast its spell on nails on the fall runways and in cities, new alternatives to the moody hue that were inspired by the darkest shades of the earth and sky are also extremely enchanting. Let’s think oxbloods, midnight blues,  amethysts, mossy and emerald greens.Since it is said, that dark pigments on short nails can sometimes make your hands look super un-lady like, I want to advise you to leave the dark morose shades to longer nails that are just past the fingertip. They will help to elongate the fingers. Instead my shorties with the short ones, you want to use more earthly tones and happier colors. This will establish you as the ladiest of ladies!

To help guide you I paired up nails and the ultimate accessories

(Shoes,of course! ) that will assist you in emerging as the ready – anything fashionista.

Blog Cilo pink


Alana-9 floral blogs


Capture blog post back


I hope these pallets help you make a statement, a fall statement and a true statement! Remember that fashion is about feeling extremely confident in your own skin.


Traffic Shoe Nation ❤

Written By: Alonza Arbelaez


We are so excited (AKA relieved) that today is Friday and its date night. It has been an insanely long week & we can’t wait to break away from work. If its  to grab early cocktails at  happy hour or a box office smash hits, we will make sure to style you with the perfect transition from summer to fall! Here are just some ideas that are as universal as the woman herself.

MARISA-34 Date Night


Date Night Maarty-01


DATE night willow-02


Three looks that are certain to get you noticed and complimented (:

Enjoy my lovely Trafficans

shop online at


Written By: Alonza Arbelaez

Top Ten Most Wearable Shoes This Fall

traffic shoes

When it comes to my wardrobe, I like trouble-free, uncomplicated with a hint of elegant cuts and extravagant fabrics, generally in solid colors. To elevate my basic pieces like sheath dresses, pencil skirts, wide-leg trousers to name a few, I jazz up my footwear.  After all, one of the best parts of being a woman is the shoes.

We can say summer is definitely over, but can we look on the bright side? It’s time to talk about the impressive shoe trends of Fall 2013. Of course there were the overshadowing styles, like pointy-toed pumps, ankle-strap heels, and Winter boots, but we also embrace the microtrends that are totally taking over like the Oxford flats and the thigh high booties.

First order of business “The Ankle Strap Heel”

Willow-2 ankle strap heel nude

Gone are the days of over bejeweled and terribly busy shoes. The newest trend and I’m sure it will be an all time classic, are the basic no fuss ankle strap heels! Heel, some ankle strap action and a basic band across the foot, simplicity at its best!

“Pointy-Pump O-Rama”

Mavis-03 pointy toe





“The all pairing ankle booties”

ENVY-02 Spiked Laced Booties NUde


“The No Telling When it will End Combat Boot”

Mango-60 buckle delta  combat boot

“The Greatly Coveted Oxford Flats”

marty-01 cut out oxfords“New comer Ankle Strap Pumps”

Marisa-34 Almond Toe


“Legs For Days Tall Lace up boots”

Outlaw-13 Tall lace up combat boots



“Zip Up and Step Out Strap Ankle Booties”

HAO-s suede black stappy booties

“The Peep Toe Lace Them Up Wedge”

Trebdy-73 suede peep toe oumps


“Studd in Classically Pump”




Weather you are stepping in or stepping out, make sure to do it in style!All shoes are available online at


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First – Day Fashion Show

Written By: Alonza Arbelaez

 From jeans to leggings, and skirts to dresses 

Flat oxford shoes are really “in” right now, besides the fact that pairing them with a pair of simple jeans, or basic dress pants is already uncomplicated enough we feel like a lot of women seem slightly disappointed with just two options.

While there are a few items that won’t work well with the lace-up shoes that are inspired by menswear there are lots of outfits that do work with them. Below, are some of the most popular and attractive combinations.

marty-01 cut out oxfords


In addition to being the clearest choice, jeans are also the easiest thing to pair with flat oxford shoes. Skinnies, flared jeans, cropped, rolled, and even straight leg jeans can handle the manliness of a pair of oxford shoes, and even benefit from being paired with them, since the dressiness of most oxfords will help to elevate women’s jeans out of that “too casual” range.
Don’t forget to try out colored jeans, they are especially striking with the tailored design of oxfords, but really, there are no rules, as long as the colors of both are well-suited to each other.

Alexi-1 tailored oxfords


To include a bit of femininity to the combination, you could wear a loose blouse or shimmery tank. For a cute casual look, try a simple, scoop or v-neck tee shirt. For a clean and classic outfit, choose a blazer or a button down shirt.

Cambridge-34 Lace up oxfrod flats


I mean, we totally get it!  Oxford shoes and dresses are always going to look a bit “quirky” together, and if that’s not your thing, it’s probably best to just skip the arrangement entirely, and stick with one of the simpler choices mentioned above. But, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, or happen to be to searching for a way to really change up you style then we will offer a bit of general advice for pairing flat oxford shoes with skirts and dresses.

The main thing is, you will want to go with something feminine. Since oxfords by nature already have  a touch of masculinity you’ll want to balance out your outfit just right by being overly feminine. Now, by feminine We don’t mean floral prints, sequence and ruffles. Although that might also loo cute. We mean the perfect contrast in the blurred lines of the unisex world.

 Alba-13 Oxfords with studs BLACK


For example, a tailored skirt with oxford flats is fine, providing the skirt isn’t too long.

Now,let’s say you choose a shorter tailored skirt instead, your outfit automatically has a bit of built-in femininity because you’re showing a bit of your legs.

Don’t feel like showing  your legs? No Problem! You can still go with a longer skirt, but look for a less-structured fabric that will soften up the whole outfit a bit.
Sandy-31 Oxford loaf Taupe


By the same note things like metallic or glittery accents, flouncy designs, and even very simple, dressy dresses can look really stylish with a pair of oxford shoes. But you must keep in mind to not go overboard the other way.

Like most things in fashion — and in life — it’s all about balance.


                                    Traffic Shoe Nation

My July 4th Weekend

Written by: Chiara Goodman

sunny poolshorts and colors

poolKrew 2image (1)a

Tribal and daisies

4 colors Krewella

Hey guys, I hope you all had an amazing July 4th weekend! I know I did! I had some friends over to celebrate America’s birthday and though the weather wasn’t that great we didn’t let that stop us, we just took the party inside! Then on Friday I went to the Krewella concert. I’m already in love with their music, but to see them live was insaneee. I rewore both of my Traffic shoes from the last post because honestly they look cute with EVERYTHING!

Shoes pictured: Dora-5 and Libby-03

Photos by: Chiara Goodman