High-quality Black Suede Ankle Booties

High-quality Black Suede Ankl

Looking to find fashionable, quality black suede ankle booties? Booties can be a wonderful way of completing one’s outfit. It looks great with a range of different outfits and can add that touch of flair and elegance that one requires. When searching for quality black suede ankle booties, Traffic Shoe is the number one place to come. Traffic Shoe is home to some of the finest black suede ankle booties in the world. They are elegant, gorgeous, and durable. Traffic Shoe goes the extra mile when it comes to quality footwear.

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There is nothing more important than finding wedge ankle booties for women that are both fashionable and of the highest quality. Women want to look their finest at all times and this can only happen when they are wearing beautiful, fashion-forward footwear.

Traffic Shoe places an emphasis on providing women with aesthetically pleasing footwear solutions that will be memorable for years. These are designed with an eye towards modernistic designs and all booties follow through on these expectations.

When aiming to find fashionable platform ankle booties, Traffic Shoe is the number one place to come. When it comes to quality, fashion-forward designs, no one beats Traffic Shoe.

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Worried about the booties falling apart at the first sign of stress? This is not a problem customers have to worry about with Traffic Shoe because the results will be perfect each and every time. Designers pay extra attention when it comes to the overall selection of materials for Traffic Shoe’s ankle booties.

 Dior blackDIOR-03


Thinking about a specific color that will look great with one’s outfit? Want to get away from the regular black color that might not suit one’s personality and attitude? Traffic Shoe aims to go the extra mile when it comes to providing a range of colors for customers.

When it comes to variety, Traffic Shoe has gorgeous brown ankle booties available for customers to purchase and put on. Completing one’s outfit has never been easier when adding these vivacious new ankle booties into one’s collection.

Traffic Shoe is a renowned retailer and is willing to go above and beyond for its customers. The perfect fit, style, and overall look is available with Traffic Shoe.

Nothing is out of reach when it comes to this retailer. Perfection is just around the corner for those who come to Traffic Shoe. The finest ankle booties are available at cost-efficient prices.

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Where to Find Designer Combat Boots Online

These days most women and girls have a pair of fashionable combat boots, whether they are tomboys or pair them with a motorcycle, they are not hard to find. Combat boots are yet another successful trend.


History of the Combat Boot


Combat Boots were originally worn by men in the military. They had hobnails in the soles to aid in traction and if need arose, could be used as weapons.

Up next was the trench boot which originated with the Hessian boot all the way up to World War I. They were constructed for soldiers taking part in trench warfare and had a thicker sole. They were made water resistant to protect soldiers from diseases and blisters.

The Napoleonic wars brought the first lace up combat boots and replaced the older buckle shoes. These new boots, however, were not distinguishable as left or right but instead, were made to conform to the soldier’s feet. They caused a lot of blisters and were uncomfortable.

WWII brought another revamp and the double buckled boot was recalled in the United States and used until 1948. It was not until the Vietnam War when another shoe overhaul was implemented, specifically for jungle warfare.

In the 1960s combat boots were worn by the Black Panthers and then in the 1980s-1990s by punk rockers.

Now the United States’ military has two issued boots. The first is for temperate weather and weighs 2.5 pounds. The second is a hot weather boot and weighs 2 pounds.


Enter the Women


Yes, there are female members of the military and they certainly wear combat boots but fashion has driven women’s leather combat boots to the forefront. They are worn with blue jeans, leather pants, long skirts, and short skirts. Not only are the military combat boots for women worn as fashion accessories but many police departments, fire stations, and emergency medical service personnel are required to wear them as part of a uniform.

The motorcycle culture has heavily adopted combat boots as well. In part for foot protection and in part for fashion.


Fashion Trend Investment

If you purchases a solid pair of real combat boots women, there is no reason why they should not last for a very long time. Keep the dirt knocked off of them and use some shoe polish every now and then to keep them in tip-top shape.

Numerous companies sell women fashion combat boots online. The boots range from booties to thigh high and prices vary greatly from site to site. Designers are plentiful from Steve Madden to Gucci. TrafficShoe.com has quite the assortment of real combat boots for women in just about every color and height, in leather or synthetic materials.

Combat boots are clearly a fashion trend that women will have at their disposal for some time to come. Should they fall out of favor, put them in the back of your closet, it is safe to say they will be back in style again at some point. If not for you, then maybe your daughter or her daughter.


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Peep Toe Ankle Booties

Peep Toe Ankle Booties – Making You and Your Feet Feel Amazing!Jenson-25 black


Wow, your feet look amazing!’  Which of us ladies does not just love to hear those words when they are directed towards our stunning new footwear?

With such a huge choice of ankle booties for women sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the decision – which boots will look sensational on my feet?  Should I choose the lace up ankle booties?  What about the peep toe ankle booties?

If you don’t have the luxury of purchasing each and every pair of booties that tickles your fancy, you may find that a choice from our range of peep toe booties will satisfy your needs and desires.  What’s so great about them?  Read on to find out!

 The Look!

Peep toe ankle booties are designed to stop traffic!  Often boasting an elegant stiletto heel, available in a choice eye-catching colors and giving a design that beautifully combines fun with fashion, indeed these boots are a must for every shoe wardrobe.  The only risk to the wearer is whether they will ever want to take them off again!

cambria-06 black



We all know the old adage ‘beauty is pain’, but does it always apply?  You may be surprised to learn that our peep toe ankle booties have been specifically designed for your fashion comfort.  With a cushioned insole and excellent shoe craftsmanship these are boots that don’t just feel great when you’re sitting down!

From a long day shopping with the girls, to a fun night on the dance floor and from long hours at the office to running for the train at the end of the day, indeed peep toe ankle booties offer comfortable footwear from the inside and dazzling fashion from the outside.


Wardrobe Flexibility

As much as you may love to have a different pair of booties for each and every outfit in your wardrobe, for most of us the finances soon put a stop to our dream!  The great thing about the design of these booties is their adaptability to a varying wardrobe.

So you need to wear a smart pencil skirt and blazer to work?  No problem, these ankle booties love to take on a serious business look in fact, they promise to make sure everyone takes you seriously the moment you step into the office.

What about the upcoming night out with the girls though?  There’s no issue!  Exchange that pencil skirt for a fun party dress and these shoes take on a whole different look in an instant.  In fact you will be wishing that you could transform the rest of your appearance as quickly as your booties can!

What about that cute pair of jeans that you want to wear to go for a shopping and lunch date?  Yes you’ve guessed it again, peep toe ankle booties want to accompany you wherever you are going and promise to make you look amazing each step of the way.

See for yourself, order a pair of these sensational booties today and enjoy showing them off every time you hear the words ‘Wow, your feet look amazing!’

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