Halloween Inspired

We’re nearly one week away from the spookiest time of the year. And the hunt for the best Halloween costume is on, But the days were you can shamelessly slap on a pair of ears and a body suit and dub yourself a mouse or bunny is long gone! This year be creative, this Halloween draw inspiration from our top of the line, trend setting shoes and be the killer costume and frightening sensation of the party!

Here are 10 Costume inspirations ranging from the culturally relevant to the all-time classics

1.POISON IVY: She’s pretty as a daisy, but look out, man — she’s crazy! Inspired by our Sinned-4 Gold Glitter pumps.
poison ivy


2. CATWOMAN: Whether you choose to fight along side Batman or battle against him, you’ll look fierce in a Catwoman costume! Try it out with our Lotus-15 tall boots!

cat woman


3. ICE QUEEN: It’s time to bring out the frost and snow as the beautiful and aloof snow queen in this Ice Queen Costume. And yes…we heard she can be a little cold. Inspired by our Daavaa Platform Pumps!

Ice queen


4. POCAHONTASThis Sexy Pocahontas Costume inspiration  will make the pilgrims fall in love with the New World this Halloween! Try it with out Tamika-49 Tall boots!



5. Miley Cyrus’s WRECKING BALL: While there will be no shortage of Miley Cyrus-inspired costumes this year, it will be hard to top this canine “Wrecking Ball” costume! Were were totally inspired by our Credence-11 Oxblood Creepers!

wrecking ball


6. CLEOPATRA: Rule like a queen in this elegant Cleopatra Costume inspiration and command attention and loyal followers when you wear this, since she known far and wide for her beauty and great leadership. We paired this up with our Roddie-1 Dressy heels!

cleopatra                                                      RODDIE-1

7. BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN:  You may be the bride of Frankenstein but you are quite a sight to behold with or without the big guy. All eyes will be on you when you complete this idea our Motto -01 Wedged oxford creepers!

bride of frankenstein


8. QUEEN OF HEARTS: “Off with their heads!” Rule your subjects with fierce loyalty in this queen of hearts inspired costume. Try using Penelope-147 Strappy High Heels, they will make hearts melt!

Queen of hearts


9. MARIE ANTOINETTE: This Marie Antoinette costume inspiration, makes les gentilhommes turn their heads! And in honor of Halloween, she declares, let them      eat…. Candy! Totally inspired by our Count-08 Peep toe pump!

marie antonitteCOUNT-08

10. VAMPIRE: Become a Master of the Night this Halloween with this Vampire Costume inspiration. With Nelly-15 look darkly fabulous! This is for the night owl (or bat) in you!



Remember Traffican Fashionistas, Get inspired, Get Creative and most of all Have fun! We really hope this shoe inspiration helped kick start your last minute preparations for this years Halloween costume! Be sure to stop by our website and check out our ghoulish and totally stylish shoes!

XoXo Traffican Shoe Nation ❤