Nailed It!

   So, what is one of the biggest accessories on the runway and on the streets?  Tips. Nail art may be dying down, but the right color is everything this season. I rounded up the top trends and whittled down the colors you need now.

While black still cast its spell on nails on the fall runways and in cities, new alternatives to the moody hue that were inspired by the darkest shades of the earth and sky are also extremely enchanting. Let’s think oxbloods, midnight blues,  amethysts, mossy and emerald greens.Since it is said, that dark pigments on short nails can sometimes make your hands look super un-lady like, I want to advise you to leave the dark morose shades to longer nails that are just past the fingertip. They will help to elongate the fingers. Instead my shorties with the short ones, you want to use more earthly tones and happier colors. This will establish you as the ladiest of ladies!

To help guide you I paired up nails and the ultimate accessories

(Shoes,of course! ) that will assist you in emerging as the ready – anything fashionista.

Blog Cilo pink


Alana-9 floral blogs


Capture blog post back


I hope these pallets help you make a statement, a fall statement and a true statement! Remember that fashion is about feeling extremely confident in your own skin.


Traffic Shoe Nation ❤

Written By: Alonza Arbelaez


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