First – Day Fashion Show

Written By: Alonza Arbelaez

 From jeans to leggings, and skirts to dresses 

Flat oxford shoes are really “in” right now, besides the fact that pairing them with a pair of simple jeans, or basic dress pants is already uncomplicated enough we feel like a lot of women seem slightly disappointed with just two options.

While there are a few items that won’t work well with the lace-up shoes that are inspired by menswear there are lots of outfits that do work with them. Below, are some of the most popular and attractive combinations.

marty-01 cut out oxfords


In addition to being the clearest choice, jeans are also the easiest thing to pair with flat oxford shoes. Skinnies, flared jeans, cropped, rolled, and even straight leg jeans can handle the manliness of a pair of oxford shoes, and even benefit from being paired with them, since the dressiness of most oxfords will help to elevate women’s jeans out of that “too casual” range.
Don’t forget to try out colored jeans, they are especially striking with the tailored design of oxfords, but really, there are no rules, as long as the colors of both are well-suited to each other.

Alexi-1 tailored oxfords


To include a bit of femininity to the combination, you could wear a loose blouse or shimmery tank. For a cute casual look, try a simple, scoop or v-neck tee shirt. For a clean and classic outfit, choose a blazer or a button down shirt.

Cambridge-34 Lace up oxfrod flats


I mean, we totally get it!  Oxford shoes and dresses are always going to look a bit “quirky” together, and if that’s not your thing, it’s probably best to just skip the arrangement entirely, and stick with one of the simpler choices mentioned above. But, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, or happen to be to searching for a way to really change up you style then we will offer a bit of general advice for pairing flat oxford shoes with skirts and dresses.

The main thing is, you will want to go with something feminine. Since oxfords by nature already have  a touch of masculinity you’ll want to balance out your outfit just right by being overly feminine. Now, by feminine We don’t mean floral prints, sequence and ruffles. Although that might also loo cute. We mean the perfect contrast in the blurred lines of the unisex world.

 Alba-13 Oxfords with studs BLACK


For example, a tailored skirt with oxford flats is fine, providing the skirt isn’t too long.

Now,let’s say you choose a shorter tailored skirt instead, your outfit automatically has a bit of built-in femininity because you’re showing a bit of your legs.

Don’t feel like showing  your legs? No Problem! You can still go with a longer skirt, but look for a less-structured fabric that will soften up the whole outfit a bit.
Sandy-31 Oxford loaf Taupe


By the same note things like metallic or glittery accents, flouncy designs, and even very simple, dressy dresses can look really stylish with a pair of oxford shoes. But you must keep in mind to not go overboard the other way.

Like most things in fashion — and in life — it’s all about balance.


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