Summertime Sunglasses

Written by: Connie Bravo 

As more sunny days approach, it’s time to update your shades for what’s hot this summer.  So what styles will be on everyone’s faces this year.  We’re our styles experts are here to break down the popular styles.

 Retro shades and round frames are making a comeback in a big way.  Everyone seems to be rocking these over sized frames.

nicole richie sunglasses mariah carey sunglasses

Another VERY popular retro trend in sunglasses is these swirl sunglasses:

paris hilton sunglasses eva mendes sunglasses beyonce sunglasses

You can get these looks at Traffic Shoe for only $7!IN4138

black sunglasses silver black sunglasses brown sunglasses

What else is popping up everywhere?  Decorated sunglasses are making their mark on the many music festivals in the last few months.

cute bow sunglasses

red lip sunglasses

blue bow sunglasses red hello kitty sunglasses

Prefer a more subtle style?  Cat eye and turtle pattern are always a staple in anyone’s sunglasses collection.

keira knightly sunglasses lady gaga sunglasses

We have a variety of styles to fit any tastes available in our stores:

cat eye sunglasses rounded yellow and pattern sunglasses tortoise shell brown sunglasses

So whether you’re lounging on the beach or just out for a drive, make sure you have the right style of shades on.  And you can get them at Traffic shoe!  Come in and get your pair, or pairs, today!!

P.S. Don’t forget to get a fitting size case.  Sunglasses always scratch when you throw them in your handbag.  Trust us!



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