Spring’s hottest color: Mint

Written by: Nimat Lalani

Mint To Be Page 1

What do Diane von Furstenberg, Louis Vuitton, and Jill Stuart have in common? Mint green! This season’s trendiest color has made its appearance in iconic fashion shows and is now available at all our Traffic shoe store locations. Whether you’re dressing up or toning it down, this color is refreshing and easy on the eye – more importantly, it’s easy to wear. This muted pastel green hue blends well with neutral tones for day-wear and transitions into a statement accent for festive nights.


Mintspiration: Mix and match your favorite trends this season to create the perfect mint green ensemble. The combinations are endless. Here are a few of our favorites to help you get started:

Pair mint green with a bold fuchsia for a feminine, chic, and not-so-preppy look.

pink and green

Choose your favorite pattern this season and maximize it! You can choose between a floral print bag, top, bottom, dress, or blazer to match mint green shoes in a trendy way. Combining trends this season is allowed!

floral and mint



Quick simple ways to wear mint green:

  • Pair mint green with your favorite denim and basic clothes for a fashionably casual look.
  • Pair mint green with black and white for a bold contrast and high-end look.
  • Mix mint green with bright colors to achieve this season’s colorblock technique.

Visit your nearest Traffic store to complete your #tsootd by choosing from our selection of mint green flats, heels, wedges, peep-toes, bags, and much more. Show us how you wear mint green on Instagram and Twitter @trafficshoe.


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